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Value Bars

All Value Bars are Made of 1/8 Stainless Steel. Also available in 5/
32 titanium, 3/32 titanium, and 3/32 Stainless Steel. Also available is an 8 arm fixed bar. Upgrade any bar to a collapsible dredge!

12”Value Bar-12”stainless Steel 6 arm dredge bar with 7 drops
12”13 drop Value Bar-12”stainless steel 6 arm dredge bar with 13 drops
24”Value Bar-24”stainless Steel 6 arm dredge bar with 13 drops
36”13 drop Value Bar-36”Stainless Steel 6 arm dredge bar with 13 drops
36”Value Bar- 36” Stainless Steel 6 arm dredge bar with 19 drops



All strips are double laminated and guaranteed never to peel apart!
Holographic Ballyhoo strips come in 4 fish, 6 fish, 8 fish and 10 fish
lengths. Colors available are blue,silver or pink. Holographic Baitfish come in 6 fish, 8 fish, 10 fish and 12 fish lengths. Blue outlines fish on silver.



Upgrade any collapsible to an 8 arm collapsible dredge. Also upgrade to titanium.

12”collapsible - stainless steel, 7 drops
24”collapsible- stainless steel, 13 drops
36”collapsible- stainless steel, 19 drops