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Carey Chen and Captain Josh Coe, Success with Strike Point Dredges!


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Rich, your dredges have been great when the bite has been slow and I need to raise the BIG one!
— Jimmy Johnson | Former dallas cowboys head coach

From their spreader bars to their 36” Holographic Dredge, I have found the value and durability of the StrikePoint tackle products outlasts and out-produces any other tackle in my arsenal. Their rainbow machine spreader bars have been my top yellowfin producer for the past 6 years, and the ease of their 12” Holographic Dredge to deploy and retrieve easily allows me to add enough flash and disturbance to my spread without encumbering much effort from my crew. StrikePoint Tackle CATCHES FISH... PERIOD.

I depend on strike point dredges to raise more fish. The ability to add of 100+ holographic baitfish behind the boat with a single dredge is priceless. It is a simple to use high quality product with great warranty and excellent customer service. Tested and proven for over 6 years fishing in Miami and Bahamas

I rely on Strike Point Dredge Frames day in and day out charter fishing for billfish throughout the Caribbean and Mid Atlantic Waters. Whether I use naturals, dredge shads, or mud flaps, you can be sure a Strike Point Frame is what they will be on. Rigged and ready with sleeve swivels I can drop them back in the water with confidence that my baits won’t get tangled up which leaves my crew more hands free working for that next bite.
— Ricky Wheeler |

“I was a big skeptic for a long time, but after fishing the Strike Point dredges I’m not sure I’ll ever build another mullet dredge. We’ve consistently raised billfish off the east coast of Florida, as well as all through the Abacos with them. They are deadly for us whether we’re fishing ballyhoo or bump trolling live baits. My advice to you is “embrace the mylar”.
— Capt Rick Ryals | Dos Amigos & The Seven